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Ride to LaFore’s Motorcycle Shop

Willie and I had plans to go to Denver on Sunday to drop some parts off at LaFore’s Motorcycle Shop at 155 Sheridan Blvd. We were thrilled when the forecast indicated riding weather. There hasn’t been a lot of it this winter. With another friend joining us, we headed south into the city. The shop isn’t hard to find. Head south on Sheridan off of 6th Ave, and it’s a couple of blocks down on the right.

There is no shortage of really nice bikes at LaFore’s. Tons of parts. Lots of nostalgia way up high on the “look but you can’t buy” shelf. The shop employs several full time mechanics who clearly know what they’re doing. Even the kitchen has its share of stunning custom bikes. And custom at LaFore’s means one-of-a-kind, not a stock bike with a few aftermarket accessories bolted on.

We enjoyed visiting with Mike, but on Sundays they’re only open from 10:00 – 12:00, so before too long it was time to let him lock up and go home. Nice shop, good people. A great day for a ride and the perfect destination.