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Dodge City 300

What are you doing for the 4th of July this year? We’re going to the Dodge City 300 in Dodge City, Kansas. Rather than rewrite the story, this is from their website at

glenn-boyd-dodge-citydodgecity300July 4th, 1914 saw the wild west town of Dodge City, Kansas hosting what may have been one of the most significant motorcycle races in history.  A 2 mile oval track was laid out just northeast of Dodge City with sanctioning by the FAM (Federation of American Motorcyclists – forerunner of today’s American Motorcyclists Association AMA), the governing body of motorcycle competition until about 1919. The major manufacturers of the day showed up including Indian, Thor, Pope, Harley Davidson, Excelsior, and Flying Merkel.  The race was won by Glen “Slivers” Boyd on an Indian (pictured above) with Bill Brier second on a Thor and Carl Goudy third on an Excelsior.

We (Willie and Abby) have a vendor booth reserved. We’re sending our stuff ahead and will be riding  ’55 and ’56 Panheads to Dodge City. We’ll have some cool giveaways and a few things for sale. We hope to see you there!